One thing lovable about our Nigerian dishes is how well tomatoes seem to work into several of them. Either we slice and dice them, or we grind them into a pulpy or smooth texture (along with other things like peppers and onions), tomatoes definitely have a role in our diet. But besides just being good for cooking and adding flavor, tomatoes are chockful of health benefits.

A lot of people say the tomato is the world healthiest fruit, let’s look at 9 tomatoes benefits today, you may call it a fruit or veggie. It’s your decision.

Advantages of tomatoes in your diet

tomatoes benefits

Here are the health advantages of tomatoes and more reasons why you could consider tomatoes farming in Nigeria;

  1. Tomatoes assist with blood pressure management;

  2. Tomatoes really help in maintaining healthy hair; tomatoes are great for the hair; vitamin A in tomato helps to make the hair shiny and strong.

  3. Tomatoes are good for your skin; the great level of lycopene in tomato makes the skin look tender, smooth and shiny. Occasionally, it can be used as a facial cleanser also.

  4. Tomatoes really help in preventing cancers; the exceptional thing about tomatoes is its capability to fight against cancers. Lycopene is an all-natural antioxidant that slows down the development of cancerous cells effectively, cooked tomatoes produce more lycopene which can even help to fight cancers.

  5. Tomatoes fix damages from smoking; thanks to coumaric and chlorogenic acid that work together protecting the body from carcinogens that are created from tobacco smoke. For heavy smokers, tomatoes are something worth recommending for them to try out.

  6. Tomatoes help to keep the kidney in good form; helping to prevent kidney stones.

  7. Tomatoes are wonderful for the eyes and a perfect checker for sugar level; The Vitamin A present in tomatoes is a perfect treatment for improving eyesight and preventing night blindness. Tomato can also help a patient with diabetes get blood sugar levels under better control.

  8. Tomato provides essential antioxidants for the body’s functioning; vitamins A and C in tomatoes provide antioxidant capabilities. These, alongside beta-carotene work together as antioxidants to neutralize dangerous free radicals in the bloodstream.

  9. Tomatoes help in maintaining strong bones; Tomatoes include a significant quantity of calcium and Vitamin K. These are known for helping with preserving strong bones.

The benefits to the health that tomatoes give are numerous. With so many nutrients in it, they make tomatoes a choice fruit (or vegetable) for a healthy lifestyle.

Tomatoes as a business in Nigeria

It wouldn’t be surprising that with all these health benefits as well as the delicacies that can be prepared with tomatoes, growing them is a profitable business one can embark on in Nigeria. please use the Crop Calendar to learn more information about tomatoes. You can also view more topics at the World Bank .

Where in Nigeria can I grow tomatoes?

With healthy soil and a good source of water, you can grow your tomatoes anywhere in Nigeria. However, there are some states that are already well known for tomatoes farming. These states are;

  • Bauchi State

  • Taraba State

  • Gombe State

  • Kano State

  • Zamfara State

  • Jigawa State

  • Sokoto State

  • Katsina State

  • Kaduna State

Each of these states are well known for tomatoes farming in Nigeria with local seed varieties to match, Thinking of starting out your own tomato farming business? All you need are the right equipment, seeds, conditions and you’re set.